Testing About Apple Time Series

Apple has been criticised for its reliance on third-party original equipment manufacturers. While Apple designs its A series of processors in-house and works with an extensive network of suppliers, they are largely designed by Intel’s design team, fabricated by Samsung or TSMC, and assembled by Pegatron, Foxconn/Hon Hai, Wistron, or Compal.

Testing showed I had to expand on this section to include items that customers want to know about Apple, like what consumers can expect from the wide array of products.

In the case of Apple, their testing team has always had the reputation for being extremely thorough. MacRumors forum members have reported that the company will often test features on Apple employees’ personal devices before making them available to the general public. In addition, some employees are given iPhones with early versions of iOS for extended periods of time before new releases become available to the public.

In order to learn more about Apple, I decided to take a class on their campus. It was a wonderful experience that opened up my understanding of Apple.

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