About CorpsBest

CorpsBest is a platform that allows users to connect with local businesses in their neighborhood. Users can discover everything they need to know about the business, and even contact them for more information or to make a purchase.

Corpsbest is an award-winning platform designed to make recruitment and networking easier for students. Join Corpsbest to meet like-minded students from your graduation year, find opportunities in your industry or show your skills to future employers.

CorpsBest was founded in 2017 by Smith Jackson who, after 22 years serving as a U.S. Marine and Army officer, returned to Silicon Valley to build businesses and improve the lives of veterans. CorpsBest is on a mission to help veterans feel less isolated as they transition from military service and to make it easier for companies to engage with veteran job candidates and employees.

CorpsBest is a marketplace for small and medium businesses around the world. Our mission is to help businesses grow their revenue, by providing them with a platform that gives them access to the best business tools and resources.
Best of all, we do this at affordable prices.

We have a network of over 200,000 suppliers in the US, China, and South Korea – making it easy for you to find the products you need at great prices.

Thank you! And we look forward to your feedback on how we can improve our service. Or if you liked it, let us know that too!

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